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ASUS G31 Motherboard -18%

ASUS G31 Motherboard

Valuable Intel G31 uATX solution with FSB overclocking 1600MHz!- Intel® Core™2 Quad Ready - Int..

2,200.00৳ 1,800.00৳
Ex Tax: 1,800.00৳
ASUS G41 Motherboard -13%

ASUS G41 Motherboard

CPU, Chipset and Graphics featuresLGA775 Intel® Core™2 Processor ReadyThis motherboard supports the ..

3,100.00৳ 2,700.00৳
Ex Tax: 2,700.00৳
ASUS H61 Motherboard -6%

ASUS H61 Motherboard

Intuitive UEFI BIOS and easy network controls on H61 platformUEFI BIOS - Flexible & Easy BIOS In..

3,500.00৳ 3,300.00৳
Ex Tax: 3,300.00৳
ASUS H81 Motherboard -3%

ASUS H81 Motherboard

Micro-ATX H81 features intuitive UEFI BIOS, superb integrated graphics performance and unique USB 3...

3,400.00৳ 3,300.00৳
Ex Tax: 3,300.00৳
ASUS H110 Motherboard -5%

ASUS H110 Motherboard

Great-value micro-ATX H110 with 5X Protection II for dependable stability, LED-illuminated audio shi..

5,500.00৳ 5,250.00৳
Ex Tax: 5,250.00৳